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Diggin' it at the beach

By Cindy Stearns
Published: 10/07/19 Topics: Comments: 0

Any way you slice it, razors are tops in the North Beach. That's razor clams. Known for their flavor and amount of edible meat, autumn brings digs for the annual season.

You'll discover these little creatures along the coasts from Alaska to California. THE spot for razor clams is the Washington coast. "Home of the Razor Clam" is Copalis Beach.

In the autumn, you'll get night digs. It's something for all ages to participate and nothing like seeing Fido discover a razor clam.

Be sure to dress warmly for your outdoor outing. To keep your feet dry, wear water-repellent boots. You'll need a clam gun or shovel. Take along a bucket or net to keep those clams in (just to your limit). You'll find Clam Beltz, specially designed in Moclips. Night digs will be best with a lantern or flashlight.

So, now you're ready to get digging.

Try these three identifiers when you go for the razor clam:

Dimple-a simple sand indentation, like an "inny" belly-button.

Doughnut Hole-hole with two-three inches of sand built up like a mountain crater, almost looks like a sand donut.

Keyhole-hourglass shape with neck of clam showing.

How do you dig? These are the types of digging at the beach:

Dry-on sand, generally digger to deep than surf.

Surf-find clams in the surf as waves come in and out.

Do you go "old school" shovel or new-age clam gun? Guns are known to be easier to use in wet to medium wet sand. Shovels give you a better opportunity in beds or the surf.

Razor clams are named this for a reason. They're SHARP! It's recommended to wear cloves and pull clams out whole. This shellfish is known as some of the better eating in the Pacific Northwest including chowder and pan fried. These are not to be eaten raw. Be sure you read up or learn how to clean them before you cook.

Now, you're diggin' it in the North Beach!

Author: Cindy Stearns
Blog #: 0691 – 10/07/19

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