Insurance Information

CSA travel insurance plans cover you door to door - from the day after you buy your policy right up until you return home. All plans include CSA's renowned 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service for worldwide help whenever and wherever needed.

If Something Goes Wrong with Your Vacation, CSA is There to Help.

Hurricanes: Concerned about a hurricane, severe weather or natural disaster affecting your vacation? It's always a good idea to buy Vacation Rental Insurance when you book your trip -- so your vacation investment is protected if Mother Nature gets in the way. 
Identity Theft*: You're in an unfamiliar city. Your wallet is stolen. You're concerned that identity thieves will make your life a nightmare. CSA's travel insurance includes six months of Identity Theft Resolution Services beginning on your scheduled departure date. 
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Cover yourself from trip cancellation penalties due to your own, or a family members' pre-existing medical conditions. CSA offers pre-existing condition waiver when purchased up to final reservation payment.

Protection Before, During and After Your Trip

A cancellation, interruption or trip delay can cost you your vacation investment and additional expenses. CSA provides you with protection during your entire vacation experience. You've invested time and money in your vacation. Unexpected events can risk all of that. If you can't go on your trip for a covered reason, you will be reimbursed for your prepaid expenses. It offers excellent value and combines insurance coverages with 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services.

Insurance Coverage

Coverages and Services Maximum Benefit Per Reservation
Trip Cancellation 100% of Reservation Cost
Trip Interruption 100% of Reservation Cost
Travel Delay $600
Baggage Delay $200
Travel Accident (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) $100,000
Emergency Medical Transportation $50,000

24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services

(Provided by CSA's designated provider)

Nurse Helpline Medical Referral
Traveling Companion Assistance Emergency Cash Transfer
Legal Referral Locating Lost or Stolen Items
Replacement of Medication and Eyeglasses Embassy and Consular Services
Worldwide Medical Information Interpretation/Translation
Emergency Message Relay Pet Return
Vehicle Return  

Identity Theft Resolution Services

Included for six months starting on the scheduled departure date.