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Vacation House Destinations Selects Vortex Managers

(News Item #0324, Published: 11/25/15, Author: , VortexManagers.com)

Vacation House Destinations, which provides hand-picked vacation rental homes to guests around the Northwest United States, has been acquired by the Vortex Organization to add more homes for its members.

The company's unique Club membership system requires property owner members to maintain homes to high standards and pass in-person inspections by VHD leaders. Guest Members join in order to access such homes and treat the homes as if they owned them.

The business was started in 2004 by Tony Bacso, who will remain an advisor to the company during transition.

"Running VHD has been a wonderful journey with benefits and owners alike because they get to know and trust one another. Joining it to Vortex will provide more properties and services for our members." said Bacso.

Unlike Global so-called Luxury Destinations Clubs which feature very expensive homes in exotic locations, Vacation House Destinations primarily features homes in the regional areas of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

Bacso added, "Our guest members begin to feel as if each home in the club is their own and want to be able to easily drive to their 'houses' which is why we prefer operating in the Northwest."

"Our organization is the only one in this area that specializes in handling properties in many markets where we already have onsite personnel to provide personal service to Owner Member properties," noted Penny Taylor of Vortex.

"Plus Vortex sales office is open longer hours for our members, and provide 24/7 phone, email and onsite services, which our members will ." notes Bacso.

The club will add properties from those operated by Vortex Property Managers as well as new homes that meet club standards. Interested home owners should email Owners@VacationHouseDestinations.com.

Guests are invited to join the club for access to a wide ranging list of properties, for early booking opportunities and best rates.

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Vacation House Destinations is a club offering vacation rental homes hand-picked by club leaders. Members chose homes of their liking and book stays through the club. Visit VacationHouseDestinations.com to join. Email Info@VacationHouseDestinations.com. Phone 425-440-0229.

The Vortex Organization provides back-office reservations, advertising, marketing and accounting services for properties all around the Pacific Northwest. See VortexManagers.com or contact Info@VortexManagers.com, phone 866-925-5188