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Oyhut Outlook Sample Condo

<h1>Sample Only</h1>

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<p>This Condo is <u>not yet</u> ready to rent and this property page has only been created to provide a way for development partners to view sample photos created by Signatour Photo Team, for Vortex Managers.</p>

<p>A village is arising, featuring beach homes and cozy cottages, architecturally inspired by the small, historic coastal towns of Washington and Oregon.</p>

<p>Residents and visitors will enjoy a walkable, bikeable village community with parks, trails, shopping, dining, recreation and access to the adjoining 683-acre Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area.</p>

<p>There are miles of pristine ocean beaches, and access to twenty-three miles of inland fresh water canals and lakes.</p>

<p> Welcome to The Natural Side of Ocean Shores at Oyhut Bay.</p>

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  • Name: Oyhut Outlook Sample Condo
  • Status: Property is Inactive
  • Type: Condo
  • Address: 400 Salmonberry Ln SW
  • City: Ocean Shores, North Beaches
  • State: Washington State
  • Postal Code: 98569
  • Country: United States
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Beds: QQQSS
  • Baths: 2
  • Normal Occupancy: 6
  • Max Occupancy: 8
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Rate Range Daily: 190 - 282
  • Rate Range Weekly: 1372 - 1875
  • Tax Rate: 1,150.0%
  • Reservation Fee: 0
  • Rental #: 2662
BED CODES: K=King, Q=Queen, F=Full, T=Twin, C=Futon Couch, M=Mattress, A=Air Mattress, L=Sleeper, S=Sofa, U=Trundle Bed, D=Day Bed